BlueNose Mobile Mission Control

Congratulations on obtaining a BlueNose Mobile Mission Control (MMC) and thank you for your support! Welcome to the MMC documentation. An orientation of all the parts included in your kit are located below as well as download links to the latest iOS and Android apps.

The MMC is powered by (6) AA batteries. It is important to have good batteries otherwise it can affect the amount of current going to the igniter and fail to launch your rocket engines. We recommend 1st choice NiMH for current and cost, 2nd choice Alkaline, and to avoid carbon zinc ("heavy duty"). Eneloop rechargables are our favorites though more expensive. Always take out the batteries between usage to avoid leakage problems.

The MMC can be used in 2 ways:

Use the red toggle switch to power the MMC on and off. It will not harm anything if you are having problems to turn the power off, wait a few seconds, and then power back up. You may need to reconnect using the app.

The app searches for MMC units in the vicinity that are powered on. It displays the name of the MMC within the app. This is something you can change. It is very handy in case you are out launching rockets with more than one MMC active. Once connected by BLE to the MMC, you can launch your rocket. This assumes everything is ready to go. Your MMC needs to have the 10 foot (3 meter) red cable connected using the coupler to the yellow cable on the MMC. The other end of the red cable has clips which connect to the rocket engine igniter. See pictures below where we identify all of these pieces. Assuming that the igniter has no problems (it is not shorted and is not defective), when you press launch on the app or launch using the manual push buttons, it should send a charge to the igniter which ignites the rocket engine.

Always keep your MMC powered off (using the red toggle switch) anytime you are anywhere near your model rocket or not ready to launch. You can also disconnect the red cable using the coupler for added safety. After you have prepared everything and feel you are ready to launch, you connect the red cable, walk back to the MMC which should be 10 feet (3 meters) away from the model rocket, flip the red power switch, then walk further away holding your smartphone/tablet and use the BlueNose app to connect to the MMC and launch your model rocket.



  1. Latest App Downloads
  2. Safety
  3. Risks and Challenges
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Orientation of the MMC components
  6. iOS App
  7. Android App
  8. Manual Launching using the push buttons


Latest App Downloads



Model rockets do involve igniting a rocket motor/engine. We recommend an adult is always involved, the launch area is roped off and adults only enters the secured area to connect the igniter ensuring beforehand that the master switch is off on the launcher control box and cable to igniter is disconnected.

Only use prepackaged rocket engines. Check the engines before to ensure your defects or cracks. Inspect the rocket. Do not use any metal parts.

Always do a countdown before the launch (which is part of the fun), that way everyone is aware of an imminent launch.

Do not fly in high winds or threatening weather. Do not fly in unsafe locations.

This is a very fun and exciting hobby however always keep safety as your first priority. Fun can be a close second. :)


Risks and challenges

Bluetooth Low Energy has a small range and uses 2.4 GHz frequencies. It is possible to have interference, possible that multiple smartphones in the same area with the app can cause problems. Having weak batteries can cause issues with igniters and electronics.



You are building and launching rockets at your own risk. You will be responsible to check if everything is safe. Rocketry and related activities is not without risk. You agree not to hold liable any owners, affiliates, employers, Indiegogo, or us. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST.

Always observe any local safety codes such as by NAR or TRA. Make sure you comply with local, municipal, state/provincial, and/or federal laws and regulations.

Safety isn.t just with the launching of the rockets, it is also when assembling or preparing anything. Wear appropriate protection such as gloves, eye protection, and such as needed.

You are responsible for ensuring the location and weather conditions are safe, and that everything being used to launch the rocket is safe and stable.

Do not operate unless you understand and agree with this disclaimer and are of sufficient age to do so.


Orientation of the MMC components


Igniter cable and 2 sets of clips


Coupler to connect igniter cable to MMC


2 sets of clips


Disconnect to change between igniter clips


Recommended clips on left. Alligator clips spare set. The clips are for connecting to the rocket engine igniter.



Red toggle switch is power switch.

Yellow switch used for initiating manual launching (bypass bluetooth wireless launch with app).


After yellow switch pressed to enter manual launch mode, use green button to trigger launch.


To open case, simply move the 2 blue latches to the side.


Remove black battery case by pulling upwards (it is attached using Velcro on the right side per the diagram).


You can disconnect the battery cage to remove it from the case.


Requires 6 AA batteries to power the MMC.




To adjust contrast, use a flat head screwdriver.


iOS App

Download the iOS App from the AppStore. Should you not have a smartphone or the app is not working, you can always launch using Manual Mode.


Upon starting the app, you may see this screen if you do not have Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone.


Be sure to enable Bluetooth under your smartphone “Settings”. Ensure that it is green per the screen shot below. You will not be pairing the MMC in this Settings screen, use the App to communicate with the MMC.


When you have Bluetooth enabled in your smartphone, you will see this screen. Now power up your MMC. Ensure it has (6) AA batteries and you toggle the big red switch to power on the MMC.


Any MMC that is powered on within range of your Bluetooth should show up in this screen. Simply select the available MMC launcher by pressing on the name. This will establish a connection with the MMC via Bluetooth.


If you have downloaded an update on the App, you may see this screen. The app communicates with the MMC to see if it is running the latest firmware. If not, it immediately upgrades it. This process is very quick and complete within 2 minutes.


If your MMC needed to have the firmware upgraded, it will tell you when it has completed the upgrade. The MMC is usable right away. That message displays briefly on the screen. You might miss it.


This is the main screen you will see most of the time. It will indicate the status of the cable, whether it can detect the presence of the launch cable and if it can detect an igniter. This is purely information and does not affect the ability to launch. You can always press the launch button and it will send current through the launch cable. If you ever have any problems, you can always use the Manual launch buttons on the MMC.


When you press the launch button, it will do a countdown before firing.


You have the ability to rename your MMC to something more friendly than the default serial number. This can be good when you have multiple launchers and would like to easily identify them. If you rename it to a blank name, it will rename your MMC to the default name.



Android App

Download the Android from Google Play. Should you not have a smartphone or the app is not working, you can always launch using Manual Mode.



Manual Launching using the push buttons

Power on the MMC using the red toggle switch

If the cable from the MMC is connected properly to the igniter on the rocket and there are no issues (e.g. a short or bad igniter), you should see the following:

If you have a problem with the cable connection to the igniter:

Press either the yellow or green push buttons to enter manual launching mode. This means you are not going to launch using an app via a smartphone. Bluetooth communications get disabled when entering this mode. The only way to exit this mode is by powering off the MMC using the red toggle switch and powering it back on.

You must hold the yellow button for at least 3 seconds to prepare for launching.

While holding the yellow button you will see this:

While holding the yellow button, press the green button to send a charge to the igniter.


Email us at should you have any questions.